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Real Estate broker with extensive experience, know-how, and affiliations in the short sale industry. We employ a dedicated team of professionals with specialized training, knowledge, and skills. All of our professionals have the capability to provide our customers with the most informed, up-to-date short sale information and procedures. Fort Worth Short Sales are what this team lives and breaths every single day. Short Sales are complex transactions that require tenacious and highly skilled professionals to insure a successful completion of the sale. If you are contemplating a short sale, select the Oyezz Real Estate team – we work on short sales full time. Do not use a Fort Worth real estate agent who has only been involved in a “couple” of short sales. Your chances of success will be very low.

Why Choose Oyezz

300% higher short sale closing rate over competitors

We have successfully completed more short sales since 2007 than any other realtor in Texas.
Our propitiatory short sale process ensures a high close rate.
We work with lenders all over the U.S. and overseas.

Dedicated Short Sale Specialist

You will have your own dedicated short sale specialist that will handle all the paperwork, negotiate with your lenders, and communicate with buyers.
Our team of experts takes care of everything throughout the process. You can expect a stress-free short sale process.
Your dedicated short sale specialist will be available to answer questions, provide status, and help you throughout the process.

Short Sale Experts

We have been closing short sales since 2007. We started working on short sales before short sales became common in the real estate market.
We have a full team of qualified short sale superstars that involves professional negotiators, and a real estate attorney specializing in short sale.
Our team has over 20 years of combined short sale experience.

Selling a home always include some level of stress, regardless of the situation. In today’s turbulent real estate market, the terms “foreclosure” and “short sale” has made confusion the new reality. In fact, statistics show that 1 out of 5 homes are “upside-down” or in a negative equity situation, where the value of the home is lower than the amount owed. Many homeowners looking to sell a house are left wondering, “Should I sell now?”, “Can I do a short sale?” or “Should I walk away and go into foreclosure?” Now, more than ever, the trustworthiness, knowledge and negotiation skill level of the realtor is the key to navigating the real estate market successfully, whether you reside in DFW or elsewhere. Options to Foreclosure:

The Benefits of a Short Sale Many homeowners in a distressed financial situation feel helpless and uncertain of where to turn for credible advice and assistance. It is important to know that there are options. One of the most appealing options is a short sale. With a short sale, homeowners can be proactive in managing the impact to their credit, manage finances and protect future purchasing ability. These are just a few of the benefits of a short sale versus a foreclosure. Short Sale Experts At Oyezz, we take the stress away from selling a home, regardless of whether you are struggling to make mortgage payments, or in a negative equity situation. We have successfully completed more short sales since January 2010 than any other realtor in North Texas, resulting in favorable outcomes for our clients.

We pride ourselves on providing outstanding service and diligently protecting the interests of homeowners with our expert negotiation skills.

A short sale is a sale of real property in which the proceeds from reselling the property are lower than the balance of the mortgage. In a Short Sale the mortgage loan holders agree to release their encumbrance on the home and approve the sale price as a total pay off of the mortgage loan. In a well negotiated Short Sale the shortage is waived and the mortgage lender release homeowners from their obligations to pay off any shortfalls regarding the home loans.

A short sale is normally utilized as an option to foreclosure since it minimizes additional fees along with costs to both the financial institution and borrower.

When analyzing a foreclosure vs. short sale, a short sale will likely typically be a more desirable scenario for both the homeowner and lender/bank. It minimizes the loss for creditors and minimizes the negative consequences to the property owner.

Choose Oyezz Real Estate – your Short Sale experts in Fort Worth . If you answered yes to any of these questions, we can help you with a short sale in Fort Worth , TX. We make the process easy for you. Just give us a call – we will set up a time to visit you at your house. After completing the necessary paperwork, we will take care of the complete short sale process and guarantee you the best chance of success. Best of all – you will not have to pay a cent… We service the entire Fort Worth Metro area

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