Dallas Short Sale Specialists: Roddy Round-Up Event

Short Sale Dallas

Oyezz Real Estate was the keynote speaker at the November Roddy Round-Up Event in Addison. We presented to investors on how buying a short sale can generate profits. Short sales benefits homeowners and lenders, but they can also benefit realtors and investors. Therefore, we turn bad circumstances into a win-win situation for everyone involved.

A short sale can take place when a house is upside down, meaning that it is worth less than what is owed on the house. Upside down homes have little or no equity. A short sale works by having the lender accept a lower value, than what is still owed on the house, as a full payoff. For the lender, that would be a better option instead of foreclosing and receiving little or nothing in return. So the homeowner walks away with no attachments to the house or the lender. And the lender walks away with more in return than opposed to a foreclosure.

Therefore, short sales are used to avoid foreclosures on homes with little or no equity. In most cases, the homes are of no value to investors because, the end results of buy, fixing, and selling the home, would be a lost in profits. But, because the lender can benefit from a short sale, the price of short sale homes can be negotiated to a low price that will be profitable.

Investors will make a huge profit from buying a short sale house at a price below well below face value, and turning it into a house worth market value. Also, investors will be paid for referring short sale leads. So, homes with little or no equity are not dead ends with Oyezz. Investors can send them to Oyezz, receive a referral check, and buy a profitable home that would not be possible without the short sale.

If you have any questions, please contact Dallas Short Sale Specialists (Oyezz Real Estate) at 972-342-0011

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