Foreclosure Prevention Series


There are many ways to prevent Foreclosure. Do you know your options? Do you know that walking away from your mortgage does not have to be the answer?A lot of times homeowners feel that they do not have options if they are facing foreclosure. That is not the case. Take a couple minutes to review our videos and the explanations on what this could mean for you and your situation!


 This is the first video of the Series “Loan Modifications”. We go into detail how a Loan Modification can help your current situation to prevent foreclosure. If you get approved this could help your current situation, but we also tell you the disadvantages and how hard it is to get approved by the bank.


This is the second video of our our series “Short Sale”. This is an alternative to foreclosure that we know very well becasue thats all we do for homeowners everday. Listen carefully to this video, this may be your best option depending on YOUR situation!


The next video in our series is “Bankrupcty” While this option is not ideal it is still an option you have when facing foreclosure.


This is the last video of the series which is “Deed in Lieu”. This is an option but this is basically an informal foreclosure. Watch the video for the Cons and Pros of this option.


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