Foreclosure Notice: Are you freaking out ?


Did you just get a foreclosure notice? Are you freaking out? Well you don’t have to. People do not realize but they still have time to take appropriate action even after the foreclosure notice.

First notice is the demand notice. This notice comes from the lender making a last attempt to collect. Second notice is the foreclosure notice that comes from an attorney. It will state the name of the attorney and a date and time. This is the date and time that you have to be concerned about. Don’t worry you will not get kicked out the next day after the notice. If you get this notice, it’s still not too late. We are the Short Sale experts in Dallas, Plano, Frisco and surrounding areas. We can stop it or push the foreclosure date. If you are a real estate agent do not turn that customer away. We can help you and that home owner.

So you do have some options even after the foreclosure notice. Short sale is a very viable option and we can help. For more information call us at 972-342-0011 or check out our short sale process


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