Most Common Mistakes When Buying a Home

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People make many mistake when buying a home but here are some most common ones,

  1. Not working with a licensed real estate agent: The benefits of working with a listened real estate agent are that you have their knowledge and resources to find the right home for you and at a good price in the local housing market.

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  1. Not establishing a budget: You should make a budget that will include the mortgage, taxes, utilities, and repairs. Make sure that you are not over-paying for a home or under-budgeting all your expenses.
  1. Skipping the home inspection: Do not be caught off guard with problems and repairs that you did not know about after buying the property. Hire your own inspector to be sure that you are not surprised by any costly repairs that will break the bank.
  1. Rushing the home-buying process: The process of searching for a home requires patience and time. Work with your agent to have back-up choices in place, so that you will not be left with nothing if your offer is not accepted by the sellers. Also, when you are placing an offer on the property, do not place an offer at or above your budget. You will want breathing room to raise your offer as needed, and pay closing costs.

At Oyezz, we list and negotiate short sale properties. To submit an offer or to even view the property, all buyers are required to be represented by a license agent. Without an agent, you will not be able to view the property or submit an offer. We have a buyer’s agent on our team to help with properties in the Dallas area. Give us a call at (972) 342-0011.

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