Real Estate Short Sale: Representing a Buyer

Short Sale Experts Dallas

Oyezz presented a class on Representing a Buyer in a Short Sale at VRM in Carrollton, TX on Tuesday, December 10th.

The one-hour class highlighted key points that are important to understand, when representing a buyer in a successful short sale. Below are the main topics that were discussed:

1 -Understanding if the Short Sale will Close

2 -Interviewing the Seller’s Agent: to understand and qualify the seller, transactions, and process

3 -Preparing the Buyer: ensure that the buyer is qualified and the short sale process is understood from start to finish

4 -What an Approved Short Sale Really Is

5 -Submitting a Short Sale Offer

6 -Buyer’s Funding

7 -Closing

Here is feedback we received form one of the participants in the class,

On behalf of VRMU, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for an incredible course on Representing the Short Sale Buyer yesterday. The students found the course to be an hour of in-depth information. We look forward to working with you again in the very near future. (Marion Napoleon)

Oyezz will be presenting a Short Sale 101 class next Wednesday, December 18th at VRM. You can contact us at 972-342-0011 about our classes, how to attend, or when our next class will be.


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