Real Estate Short Sale vs. Traditional Sale

dallas short sale

Many homeowners are not aware of the differences between selling their home as a traditional sale or as a short sale. A short sale requires more time because the approved selling price must be determined by the lender.

Below is a brief outline of the differences:

Short Sale

  1. -The lender sets the price and determines the process
  2. – Requires a longer period of time to negotiate with lender
  3. – Requires sellers to provide monthly financials
  4. – Allow lender’s appraisal to view home
  5. – No required to pay for taxes on the home

Traditional Sale

  1. – Seller controls the price and process
  2. -Period of time to sell depends solely on finding a buyer
  3. – Maintain and fix home to sell
  4. – Allow buyers and agents to view the home
  5. – Required to pay taxes and closing costs

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