Recognizing Good Negotiating Work

Anyone who has ever tried negotiating with the short sale department of a lender knows that it is a challenging task. It’s a lot like pushing a stalled car uphill; if you let up, you could end up getting run over.

But at the same time, if this negotiation isn’t done right, the short sale has a much lower chance of success. If the ground isn’t laid properly, and if the follow-up isn’t done when it needs to be, even the sale of an attractive home with a decent price could be torpedoed.

The ability to negotiate with all types of lenders is something that Oyezz Real Estate prides itself on. That is a big factor in our agency’s ability to close more than four out of five short sales that we work, a close rate nearly double the industry average.

A recent note from a major lender’s short sale rep to our chief negotiator, Phoebie Carcot, was a pleasant surprise. It was a short note, praising not only her effectiveness but her speed and responsiveness.

This may not sound like that big a deal, but when you look at the nature of the negotiations and the interactions that we have with lenders, getting a complimentary word from them is a pretty significant accomplishment. It’s one more indicator that when it comes to this critical success factor in a short sale, Oyezz is doing things right. Thanks, Phoebie for the great work you do for our clients!

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