Selling a Home: Do It Right

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Selling your home is an important project  and make sure you do it right. Here are few tips that can help along the way…

  1. Choosing the wrong REALTOR®- be sure to find an agent that has experience in your area, and has been successfully with similar transaction
  2. Skipping a home inspection – ignoring the problems in your home will only hinder the selling process and affect the sale
  3. Withholding information from buyers – give the buyers information that is as detailed and accurate as possible
  4. Overpricing your home – be reasonably on the listing price of your home and reliable on your REALTOR® for pricing information according to the neighborhood and market
  5. Being unprepared for your next step – do not jeopardize the deal because you are still attached to the home or because you are not ready to leave and close the sell

Selling your home is an important project that will require patience, time, and help. Be sure that you are ready and contact a local REALTOR® to help you get it done right.

With difficult real estate situations, Oyezz has a team of short sale specialists that can help. If you are behind on your mortgage payments, or have a home with negative equity, call us at 972-342-0011.

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