Short Sale Specialists: How to identify good ones ?

short sale dallas specialists

In order to have a successful short sale, you must find the right short sale specialist to handle the process. Here is detailed outline of the top characteristics to look for, when determining the right short sale specialist.

1. Strong Communication Skills- both in writing and speaking

• negotiate with lenders

• inform homeowners about the process

• work with investors

2. Organized Process- from initiating the short sale to closing

• understand the steps in the correct order

• meet deadlines and keep track of foreclosure dates

• provide a completed short sale package to the lender

3. Attention to Detail- catch every single detail on time

• compiling a short sale package with all the correct information required

• effectively process details that will affect the short sale

4. Tenacity- be persistence

• misleading and confusing information between lenders, homeowners, and agent needs to be resolved and controlled

• negotiating back and forth until the short sale is completed

5. Empathy and Passion- Understand the homeowners situation and willing to help

• make the process easy for the homeowners

• be helpful and provide support and reassurance

• stay committed to getting the short sale process completed

We take the stress away from selling a home, regardless of whether you are struggling to make mortgage payments or are in a negative equity situation and needing or wanting to sell a home. We’ve successfully completed more short sales since January 2010 than any other realtor in North Texas, resulting in favorable outcomes for our clients. Contact us if you have any questions: 972-342-0011

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