Short Sale Specialists: Story Behind The Brand


Oyezz Real Estate is a unique name for a real estate brokerage, and the story behind it is surprisingly interesting. John Anderson and Eartha Wang, co-owners/founders of Oyezz Corp, sat down to complete the paperwork required to file for corporation.

They stumbled on the absence of a company name, which neither of them had even thought about, so they spent 5 minutes on a little creative exercise.

Eartha opened a dictionary and pointed to the first word she saw which was “oyez”. Oyez is what a bailiff says before court starts for silence and attention. “Oyez, oyez, oyez all rise, Judge Judy’s coming in.”

This was spelled “O-Y-E-Z”. At the same time, Eartha recalled a book about Google and how the word “Google” is actually misspelled. They had added an extra O to it, so she took the idea and added a “Z” to oyez.

John and Eartha changed the pronunciation to oyez which kind of sounded like “oh yes”. And that is how the name Oyezz was founded.

That little exercise worked out well because Oyezz is different and unusual. It could have been Anderson and Wang Real Estate, but that is not noticeable. With Oyezz, many people ask about the name so it becomes recognizable.


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