Short Sale Tuesdays on KVCE 1160

If you’re in a position to listen to the radio in your car, at work, or at home on Tuesday mornings from now on, I will now be the regular Tuesday co-host on the Willie Lambright Real Estate show on KVCE, 1160 AM, from 9 to 10 a.m.

After several guest appearances, in which I apparently didn’t embarrass myself or host Willie Lambright too badly, he has asked me to become a regular. So starting November 1, Tuesday will become “short sale Tuesday” on the show. He was looking for expertise on the topic of short sales, and I am more than happy to provide that.

With one-fourth of DFW area residential properties worth less than the outstanding loans on them, it is important that homeowners better understand their options.

And until we can finally get the housing market stabilized, the number of homes under water is not going to get any smaller. That puts a lot of homeowners at risk if something happens in their lives – loss of a job, reduction in income, or job transfer to name a few – that either impairs their ability to pay their mortgage or requires them to put their house up for sale.

So anything that I can do to help Willie spread the word about short sales and the advantages they offer will be a service to homeowners who need to know all their options if times get rougher for them.

I’ve enjoyed being a guest on the show, and the opportunity to talk with callers to the show, respond to callers’ questions, and interact with Willie. Now it will be a weekly event. Join me on Tuesdays at 9 a.m. if you can, and if you have a question, give me a call.

And if you can’t listen live, tune in online at your convenience here. Each show is available for on demand listening.

Don’t forget! Set you dial for KVCE 1160 AM and tune in on Tuesdays, from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. starting November 1.

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